Table 2.

Presenting Patients Diagnosed with CA-MRSA

PatientPatient’s HistoryAssociation with Prison
A10-year-old girl treated for ‘spider bite’ to left lower extremity.Had visited her father in prison and her mother had been treated for ‘spider bite’ on her left elbow 2 weeks prior.
B24-year-old man presented to clinic with complaint of single ‘spider bite’ lesion to left hip.Girlfriend and girlfriend’s sister both treated for ‘spider bites,’ girlfriend’s other roommate recently released from prison.
C43-year-old man with multiple pustules to legs, arms, and inguinal area.Recently released from prison. While in prison, he was treated several times for similar infections.
D25-year-old woman diagnosed with varicella zoster and then impetigo. Developed abscess with central eschar on right gluteus.Boyfriend recently released from prison.
E45-year-old woman, mother of case D. Treated for left gluteal abscess 1 week after her daughter,See above.
F41-year-old man with recurring skin infections thought to be impetigo.Recently released from prison. Treated several times while in prison for similar lesions.
G50-year-old man with multiple furuncles on his legs and arms. Failed treatment with ciprofloxacin for what was thought to be impetigo.Recently released from prison. While in prison, he had a history of recurring ‘staph’ infections.
H36-year-old woman with multiple furuncles to knee, posterior neck, and scalp. Abscess to left gluteus.Visited her pregnant daughter in prison for several weeks before her outbreak.
I16-year-old man with single boil to right axilla. Was treated for a ‘spider bite’ on his neck 1 year before.Father released from prison and returned home 1 week prior. Father reported being treated twice for ‘spider bites’ while incarcerated.
J42-year-old man with single ‘spider bite’ to his left groin. Had been treated for recurring skin infections several times since release from prison 8 years ago. Was treated for his first skin lesion while in prison.Incarcerated 8 years prior. Sister and niece also treated for ‘spider bites’ during previous year.