Table 3.

Multivariate Models for the Two Outcome Measures Treatment Options Considered As Independent Variables (N = 174)

VariablesLη Heal Time* β (95% CI)Scarring Odds Ratio (95% CI)
Systemic corticosteroids0.25(0.004,0.50)NS
Erythema diameter (cm)0.02(0.004,0.04)NS
Necrosis (yes/no)NS4.60(1.69,12.53)
Severity (severe)NS7.45(2.12,26.14)
Treatment delay (days)0.08(0.05,0.11)NS
Diabetes mellitus0.55(0.08,1.01)NS
  • * For the linear regression model, R2= 0.3667 and adjusted R2= 0.3295

  • NS, not significant.