Table 4.

Factors Associated with Peripheral Neuropathy after Controlling for All Other Variables in a Logistic Regression Model

VariablesOdds Ratio95% Confidence Interval
Age1.08/year1.05 to 1.11
Body mass index1.06/unit1.03 to 1.10
Military service1.801.24 to 2.62
Rheumatoid arthritis2.921.49 to 5.73
Vitamin B12 deficiency2.371.16 to 4.84
Hypertension0.630.44 to 0.89
Diabetes mellitus2.711.67 to 4.39If income <$15,000/yr
1.180.87If income $15,000–$35,000/yr
1.771.40 to 2.25If income >$35,000/yr
  • Note: Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness of Fit test had χ2 of 5.5152, P = .7014 (8 df).