Table 3.

What Is It Like To Be a Personal Physician?

  • You know your patients’ context and story. You have a committed relationship and invest in patients.

  • You are rewarded and inspired by this professional role. You feel a sense of calling. You enjoy it.

  • Participate in and encourage collaboration and shared decision making.

  • Meeting patient needs; not focused on tests or insurance.

  • An advocate for patients’ health. A guide, navigator, negotiator, coordinator of health care.

  • Community participant and contributor.

  • Work can be draining—can’t be there 24/7, need team.

  • Not easy to balance professional role with personal life.

  • Cannot always provide care in appropriate setting/not enough flexibility to offer care via E-mail, phone, etc.

  • Never enough time with patients to address all concerns and get to know each other.