Table 2.

Adjusted Sample Sizes for All Groups Created in Our Study*

GroupGroups Before EMR, Original(n = 136)Groups After EMR, Original(n = 202)
Excluded RecordsAdjusted nExcluded RecordsAdjusted n
Group 1
    On Chart241124198
    On Time538318184
    ACOG Flow sheet341020202
Group 2
    On Chart3510148154
    On Time439352150
    ACOG Flow sheet3510149153
Group 3
    On Chart597795107
    On Time627495107
    ACOG Flow sheet607697105
Group 4
    On Chart1072916141
    On Time1102616240
    ACOG Flow sheet1092716339
Group 5
    On Chart1711924178
    On Time3210429173
    ACOG Flow sheet1811826176
Group 6
    On Chart429451151
    On Time379952150
    ACOG Flow Sheet439356146
  • * Patients without data (ie, not recorded as present, absent, or refused because the patient was not yet at an appropriate gestational age for the tests) for any test in groups 1 to 6 were excluded from the analysis of that particular group; therefore, n differs among each group.

  • pre-EMR sample sizes in group 4 does not meet the minimum standard size of n = 30 for a normally distributed population.

  • EMR, electronic medical record; ACOG, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.