Table 4.

Factors Associated with Seeking Preventive Care Because of Information in a Drug Advertisement

n% Yes (Mostly or Partly)P
Total25908 (95% CI 7–9%)
Socioeconomic variables
 Annual Income0.150
  Less than $15,0003579
  $50,000 or more7597
  Less than high school24216
  Completed high school8908
  Some college, no graduation7577
  College graduate or higher degree6917
  White, non-Hispanic19477
  Black/African American, non-Hispanic2878
  Asian, Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic837
 Employment status0.695
  Not employed18310
  Employed part-time2588
  Employed full-time12768
 Health Status<0.001
  Poor health1815
  Good health11565
  Chronic disease125211
 Insurance status0.489
  Insured through work or privately20498
  Not insured3316
 Managed care?0.221
Attitudes to health information
 Proactive about health information?<0.001
Relationship with health care professionals
 Do you have a regular doctor or health care professional?0.715
 How do you rate the overall level of health care provided by your regular doctor?<0.001
  Excellent/very good/good21277