Table 2.

Annual Health Care Charges for Medically Needy/Medically Indigent Subjects

Annual ChargesMean*Range
Total Charges
 Low Literacy**$10,688$0–95,002
  Subjects (n = 18)
 Higher Literacy***$2890$0–38,957
  Subjects (n = 56)
In-Patient Charges
 Low Literacy**$7038$0–76,884
  Subjects (n = 18)
 Higher Literacy***$824$0–18,135
  Subjects (n = 56)
  • * Calculation of mean charges included both subjects who did and whodid not incur charges.

  • ** Low-literacy subjects had reading levels at or below the 3rd-grade level.

  • *** High-literacy subjects had reading skills at or above the 4th-grade level.