Table 3.

Format for Display of Results from Patient Testing

▸ A 78-year-old woman with diabetes and hypertension who describes her overall health as ‘fair.’
▸ She has been driving for 62 years.
▸ She reports that she drives anywhere but only during the daytime, in good weather, and not during rush hour. She reports driving between 11 and 50 miles per week for each of four roadway categories: in her neighborhood, in the city, on secondary roads, and on the freeway, for an estimated 6240 miles per year.
▸ She rates herself as 5/10 on ‘degree of safety while driving,’ where 10 is ‘extremely safe.’
▸ She would ‘probably agree’ with the statement that her physician should be concerned about how well she drives and that she would follow her doctor’s advice about driving.
Test DomainQuintile (5 = worst)
 Visual Closure4
 Reaction Time3
 Visual Memory3
 Directional sense5
Self-reportNumber reported
 Crashes in last 2 years1
 Near misses in last 2 years12
Mini-Mental State Examination25