Table 7.

Factors Associated with Manifestations of Serious Dissatisfaction (ie, Seeking Second Opinion, Changing Doctor, or Changing Health Plan)

n% YesP
Total22521 (95% CI 14–29%)
Socioeconomic variables
 Annual Income<0.001
  Less than $15,0002255
  $50,000 or more7311
  Less than high school2055
  Completed high school7523
  Some college, no graduation6013
  College graduate or higher degree7114
  White, non-Hispanic17019
  Black/African-American, non-Hispanic3427
  Asian, Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic2100
 Employment status<0.001
  Not employed1553
  Employed part-time3027
  Employed full-time1038
 Health Status0.322
  Poor health1631
  Good health5415
  Chronic disease15521
 Insurance status<0.001
  Insured through work or privately15514
  Not insured1385
 Managed care?0.800
Attitudes to health information
 Proactive about health information?0.202
Relationship with health care professionals
 Do you have a regular doctor or health care professional?0.255
 How do you rate the overall level of health care provided by your regular doctor?<0.001
  Excellent/very good/good20017
 Did you get specific intervention requested?0.277