Table 3.

Tukey Honestly Significant Difference Test*

Samples ComparedML − MSP
MControl · M20 μL KY714>.05
MControl · M100 μL KY2,816>.05
MControl · M500 μL KY1,269>.05
MControl · M20 μL Replens59,014<.01
MControl · M100 μL Replens56,780<.01
MControl · M500 μL Replens56,793<.01
MControl · M20 μL Monistat41,947<.01
MControl · M100 μL Monistat50,699<.01
MControl · M500 μL Monistat57,348<.01
  • * Determination of significance found by comparing the means of each sample to the mean of the control (HSD0.01 = 6275; HSD0.05 = 5397).

  • M, mean; ML, largest mean; MS, smallest mean.