Table 5.

Standardized Estimates from Regression Equations in Which Total Medical Charges* are Explained by the Average Percentage of Patient-Centered Care Over the 1-Year Study Period, Controlling for Baseline Patient Sex, Age, Education, Income, Physical Health Status, Mental Health Status, Obesity, Alcohol Abuse, and Smoking (n = 494)

Dependent VariableIndependent VariablesSEPR2
Total charges (primary, specialty, and emergency care, hospitalizations and diagnostic services)Female sex0.1098.01150.2142
Physical health status−0.2327<.0001
Mental health status0.0023.9564
Alcohol abuse0.0405.3317
Patient-centered care0.1575.0002
  • * Total Medical Charges with mean 7.22 (SD = 1.59).

  • All independent variables are baseline measurements, except for the patient centered care which is averaged over one year of care.

  • SE, standardized error.