Table 1.

Performance of Nonphysician Participants

NameScaled ScoreCorrect (%)Ranking
Participant 12024.0Outscored 0 physicians
Participant 28028.9Outscored 0 physicians
Participant 39028.9Outscored 0 physicians
Participant 4*16035.1Outscored 4 physicians
  • * Out of more than 10,000 physicians tested, only one participant was able to outscore even the lowest-performing physicians.

  • Of the 4 physicians who were outperformed, 2 were international medical graduates (one with a history of multiple failures and one a first-time candidate) and 2 were US medical graduates who left many questions unanswered (one left 33 unanswered and one left 79 unanswered) on their examination.