Table 1.

Examples of Personal Health-related Self-care (code 010301)

Doing childbirth exercises
Dressing a wound
Taking vitamins
Resting because of injury
Giving oneself a shot
Taking insulin
Putting ice on injury
Gargling for sore throat
Resting because of illness
Taking medicine
Doing stress management exercises
Meditating (not religious)
Taking cough drops
Bandaging ankle
Giving oneself an injection
Testing blood sugar level
Applying ointment
Changing oxygen
Exercising or therapy for medical reasons
  • The above items exclude health-related self-care, not elsewhere classified, code 010399, because the only activity example is “feeling sick.”

    Source: American Time Use Survey Activity Lexicon: with activity examples–2003 (and the lexicons for 2004, 2005, and 2006). Washington, DC: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Available at: Accessed 6 February 2009.