Table 2.

Survey Administered to Physicians Before and After Educational Initiative

Survey QuestionSurvey ResponseCorrect response Before Intervention (n = 36) (n [%])Correct response After Intervention (n = 38) (n [%])P
1. Which pregnancy drug category are ACE-I and ARB in?a. A15 (41.7)22 (57.9).176
b. B
c. C*
d. D*
e. X
f. I don’t know
2. Which pregnancy drug category is statin in?a. A10 (27.8)19 (50)<.065
b. B
c. C
d. D
e. X*
f. I don’t know
3. ACE-I and ARB primarily affect which fetal system if exposed during the second and third trimester?a. Lung23 (63.9)28 (73.7).440
b. Cardiovascular
c. Renal*
d. Nervous
e. I am unsure
4. There is increasing evidence that ACE-I/ARB have adverse effects to fetuses exposed during the first trimester.a. True*19 (52.8)33 (86.8).650
b. False
c. I am not sure
5. Statin has been shown to adversely affect fetal development in human studies.a. True7 (19.4)9 (23.7).652
b. False*
c. I am not sure
6. In the past several months have you prescribed an ACE-I, ARB, or statin to any women between the ages of 15 to 45?a. Yes8 (22.2)10 (26.3)1.000
b. No
c. I’m not sure
7. When prescribing ACE-I, ARB, or statin, do you consider the possibility of the patients becoming pregnant while taking the drug?a. Yes, always24 (66.7)31 (81.6).678
b. Usually
c. Sometimes
d. No, never
8. If you do consider possible pregnancy when prescribing ACE-I/ARB and statin, do you make an effort to document use of contraception and discussion of possible risks?a. Yes, always25 (69.4)28 (73.7).091
b. Usually
c. Sometimes
d. No, never
e. I don’t consider pregnancy risk when prescribing
Physician Demographics
9. Gendera. Male19 (52.85)17 (44.7).316
b. Female17 (47.2)21 (55.3)
10. Current year of residency traininga. PGY-116 (44.4)18 (47.4).889
b. PGY-211 (30.6)10 (26.3)
c. PGY-38 (22.2)9 (23.7)
d. PGY-42 (5.6)1 (2.6)
11. Current residency training programa. FM13 (36.1)12 (31.6).770
b. IM5 (13.9)8 (21.1)
c. FM/IM5 (13.9)3 (7.9)
d. OB/GYN9 (25.0)8 (21.1)
e. Transitional3 (8.3)7 (18.4)
  • * Correct response to survey question.

  • Considered preferred answers.

  • ACE-I, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors; ARB, angiotensin receptor blockers; statin, HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors; PGY, postgraduate year; IM, internal medicine; FM, family medicine; OB/GYN, obstetrics/gynecology.