Table 2.

Primary Care Efforts to Ensure Access and Comprehensiveness of Care in 2022 versus 2018

2022 (N, %)2018 (N, %)P-Value
Number of practices with this type of team member
 Psychologist68/526 (12.9%)13/484 (2.7%)<0.0001
 Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Professional Counselor118/526 (22.4%)45/484 (9.3%)<0.0001
 Case manager, care coordinator, or patient navigator169/526 (32.1%)78/484 (16.1%)<0.0001
 Pharmacist75/526 (14.3%)*
Population health services
 Measure your quality/performance353/499 (70.7%)362/484 (74.8%)0.1755
 Have alerts/reminders in your EHR356/499 (71.3%)
 Provide care management for chronic conditions338/499 (67.7%)
 Provide care coordination or patient navigation321/499 (64.3%)299/484 (61.8%)0.4456
 Promote generic medication prescribing316/499 (63.3%)
 Follow-up after ER visit/hospitalization286/499 (57.3%)
 Follow-up with patients referred to a specialist230/499 (46.1%)
 Use a registry to identify patients in need of care228/499 (45.7%)263/484 (54.3%)0.0081
 Have strategies to reduce unnecessary medical care203/499 (40.7%)
 Have a patient advice line123/499 (24.7%)
 Communicate with patients’ health care coordinator120/499 (24.1%)
 None of the above24/499 (4.8%)
Services practices were able to provide during COVID-19
 Messaging/education about distancing and masks414/487 (85.0%)
 Viral testing to diagnose acute infections in our office318/487 (65.3%)
 Antibody testing to diagnose acute/past infections206/487 (42.3%)
 Hospital management for our acutely ill patients141/487 (29.0%)
 Antibody treatment-high risk patients with acute infections95/487 (19.5%)
 Home monitoring for patients with acute infections106/487 (21.8%)
 Manage Long Covid100/487 (20.5%)
 Patient education on efficacy and safety of the vaccine395/487 (81.1%)
 Give COVID-19 vaccinations to our patients276/487 (56.7%)
Visit type – average (range)
 In-person90.0% (5.3, 100.0)
 Telehealth10.0% (0.0, 94.7)
Type of telehealth – average (range)
 Video74.6% (0.0, 100.0)
 Telephone25.4% (0.0, 100.0)
  • Note. *refers to question not included in 2018 survey.

  • Abbreviation: EHR, electronic health record.