Table 2.

Details on Previously Developed CDRs Along with Prior Reported AUROCC

CDRSymptomsSourcePreviously ReportedClinician-reported SymptomsPatient-reported Symptoms
CFCough, feverMonto 20000.660.700.69
CFACough, fever, acute onsetMonto 20000.650.630.61
CFMCough, fever, myalgiaMonto 20000.650.730.68
WSFever and cough, acute onset, myalgia, chills/sweatsvan Vugt 20150.710.770.69
TMFever, acute onset, cough, chills/sweatsAfonso 20120.800.710.69
  • Abbreviations: AUROCC, Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve; CDR, Clinical decision rules; CF, presence of cough and fever; CFM, presence of cough, fever, and myalgia; CFA, presence of cough and fever with acute onset of disease; TM, decision tree model; WS, logistic regression model.

  • Notes: We show AUROCC values reported in previous studies, along with the AUROCC values when our clinician-reported data and patient-reported data are used in the CDRs and compared to the true PCR diagnoses.