Appendix Table 1.

Model Performance Metrics for the Score Models

NameAICBICTjur R2Brier Score
LASSO score196.64209.280.280.18
A priori symptom score198.62217.580.280.18
Re-fit FluScore model (Ebell 2012)199.65215.440.270.18
Cough/fever symptom score199.66209.140.250.19
Cough/fever heuristic200.72207.040.240.19
Cough/fever/acute onset symptom score201.11213.750.260.19
Cough/fever/myalgia symptom score201.34213.970.260.19
LASSO heuristic204.82211.140.220.19
Cough/fever/myalgia heuristic208.96215.280.200.20
Cough/fever/acute onset heuristic232.31238.630.070.23
  • Abbreviation: LASSO, Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator.

  • Notes: The models shown were fitted to the patient-reported data, and metrics were calculated using only the derivation set.