Table 1.

Categories of Open-Text Responses to “Other” Race Selection (n = 4,519)

Categoryn (% of “Other”)Example Responses
Hispanic/Latinx917 (20.3%)Hispanic; Latino; Puerto Rican
South Asian878 (19.4%)South Asian; East Indian; Pakistani
Multi-ethnic745 (16.5%)Multiracial; Mixed: South Asian/White; Black and White
Middle Eastern, North African (MENA)477 (10.6%)Middle Eastern; Arabic; Egyptian
Cynicism or unclarity440 (9.7%)All American Mutt; Human; Brown; Stop being racist
Blank433 (9.6%)Typed nothing at all, or just punctuation or a single letter
Nationality or regional affiliation388 (8.6%)Filipino; European American; Native Central American
None apply104 (2.3%)n/a; Other
Decline to answer98 (2.2%)Prefer not to answer
Religious/ethnic identification39 (0.9%)Jewish; Muslim
  • Notes: The Nationality or regional affiliation category contains nationalities, countries, and regional identities that did not fit in the Census definitions of Hispanic, South Asian, or MENA racial groups and/or that were too few to warrant their own category.