Table 4.

Weighted Percentages of Administrators’ Perceptions of the Job Performance of Participating Clinicians and the Site’s Involvement with Service Programs, by the Three Service Program Types

RatingsTotalSolely-State LRPsState-NHSC LRPsForgivable Loan ProgramsP Value for Group Differences
(n = 735)(n = 396)(n = 279)(n = 60)
Provides good quality care% well or very well *96.9%96.7%96.8%98.1%0.82
Is a positive contributor within the practice% well or very well92.4%91.9%92.6%94.3%0.69
Overall performance on the job% well or very well93.8%93.5%94.0%94.3%0.88
Site Involvement/Interaction With Service Program
While looking to hire or qualify clinicians for the program% very good or excellent 67.4%65.2%71.6%60.4%0.21
% fair or poor 7.6%7.1%6.7%15.1%0.14
As clinicians participate in the program% very good or excellent70.3%69.7%73.5%58.350.19
% fair or poor5.2%5.3%3.5%13.2%0.036
Overall participation with the program% very good or excellent69.3%67.7%72.9%62.3%0.29
% fair or poor6.0%6.9%3.5%13.2%0.09
  • Abbreviations: NHSC, National Health Service Corps; LRP, Loan Repayment Program.

  • * Versus “neither well nor poorly,” “poorly,” and “very poorly”.

  • Versus” good,” “fair,” and “poor”.

  • Versus “good,” “very good,” and “excellent”.