Table 3.

MoCA Items That Are Significant Predictors of Lower Education in a Backwards Selection Binomial GLMM

Fixed EffectsCoefficientSEZP95% CI
Cube copy correct−0.5810.22−2.670.008−1.01−0.15
Serial subtraction score−0.4690.19−2.500.013−0.83−0.09
≥11 F words−0.8000.24−3.360.001−1.26−0.32
Abstraction score−0.8010.17−4.64<.001−1.14−0.46
Random EffectsSDχ²P95% CI
Study Site0.4753.0270.0800.894
  • Abbreviations: GLMM, generalized linear mixed model; SD, standard deviation; SE, standard error; CI, confidence interval; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

  • Note: Model coefficients are in log odds. 95% CIs for model coefficients are in log odds. Serial subtraction and abstraction scores centered at means. There was zero variance for study (i.e., ADNI or NACC) in model; it was excluded as a random effect because the model only converged after it was removed.