Table 1.

List of State Service Programs by Type of Program With Number of Completed Administrator Questionnaires in Analyses

StateProgram NameLoan Repayment ProgramsState Forgivable Loan Programs
Solely-State LRPState-NHSC LRP
AlaskaAlaska SHARP-I Program39
Alaska SHARP-II Program38
DelawareDelaware State LRP10
IowaPrimary Care Recruitment and Retention Endeavor LRP (PRIMECARRE)13
MissouriMissouri State LRP60
Primary Care Resource Initiative for Missouri Program (PRIMO)38
MontanaMontana State LRP2
NebraskaNHSC Nebraska State LRP23
Nebraska LRP67
Nebraska Student Loan Program10
NevadaNevada Health Service Corps LRP24
New YorkNew York Primary Care Service Corps6
North CarolinaNorth Carolina State LRP14
Community Practitioner Program55
North Carolina LRP121
North DakotaNorth Dakota Federal / State LRP19
North Dakota Dentist LRP14
North Dakota LRP43
OregonOregon Behavioral Health LRP13
Oregon Partnership State LRP15
Oregon Health Care Provider LRP8
Oregon Medicaid Primary Care LRP48
Oregon Primary Care Loan Forgiveness12
Rhode IslandRhode Island Health Professionals LRP37
VirginiaVirginia State LRP22
WyomingWyoming State LRP3
  • Abbreviations: LRP, Loan Repayment Program; NHSC, National Health Service Corps.