Table 4.

GLMM Examining Classification of MCI Using the Alternative MoCA Score

Fixed EffectsCoefficientSEtP95% CI
Adjusted GDS0.1300.0343.872<.0010.0640.196
Has SMC1.6820.12713.272<.0011.4341.930
History of HTN−0.0090.116−0.0770.938−0.2370.219
Elevated Aβ1.1140.1249.007<.0010.8721.357
≤12 years education0.3220.1771.8230.068−0.0240.669
Alternative MoCA score−0.4750.028−17.092<.001−0.529−0.420
Random EffectsSDχ²P95% CI
Site within study0.905170.09<.0010.7241.128
  • Abbreviations: GDS, Geriatric Depression Scale; GLMM, generalized linear mixed model; HTN, hypertension; SMC, subjective memory complaint; SD, standard deviation; CI, confidence interval; MCI, mild cognitive impairment; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

  • Note: Model coefficients are in log odds. 95% CIs for model coefficients are in log odds. Serial subtraction and abstraction scores centered at means. There was zero variance for study (i.e., ADNI or NACC) in model; it was excluded as a random effect because the model only converged after it was removed.