Table 2.

GLMM Estimating Likelihood of Classification as Impaired Using MoCA

Fixed EffectsCoefficientSEZP95% CI
Adjusted GDS0.0820.042.010.0450.000.16
Has SMC0.1960.181.120.264−0.150.54
History of HTN0.5850.134.540.0000.330.84
Elevated Aβ0.3910.152.530.0110.090.69
≤12 years education0.5770.202.890.0040.180.97
Random EffectsSDχ²P95% CI
Site within study0.47552.74<.0010.30, 0.69
Study0.3256.880.0090.10, 1.46
  • Abbreviations: GDS, Geriatric Depression Scale; GLMM, generalized linear mixed model; HTN, hypertension; SMC, subjective memory complaint; SD, standard deviation; SE, standard error; CI, confidence interval; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.

  • Notes: Model coefficients are in log odds. 95% CIs for model coefficients are in log odds. Age and adjusted GDS centered at respective means. Study is either ADNI or NACC.