Table 1.

The Most Frequently Read Peer-Reviewed Articles Published in Volume 34 (2021)

1Addressing Post-COVID Symptoms: A Guide for Primary Care Physicians1
Nov. 2021Evidence-Based Clinical Medicine2772 monthly avg.
2Diagnosis and Management of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders in Primary Care2
Jul. 2021Clinical Review1297 monthly avg.
3A Relationship Between Mortality and Eating Breakfast and Fiber3
Jul. 2021Original Research941 monthly avg.
4Telephone versus Video Visits During COVID-19: Safety-Net Provider Perspectives4
Nov. 2021Original Research802 monthly avg.
5Buprenorphine Microdose Induction for the Management of Prescription Opioid Dependence5
Feb. 2021Brief Report734 monthly avg.
6A Qualitative Study of Primary Care Physicians' Experiences with Telemedicine During COVID-196
Feb. 2021Original Research698 monthly avg.
7Are Amphetamines Associated with Adverse Cardiovascular Events Among Elderly Individuals?7
Nov. 2021Original Research619 monthly avg.
8Factors Associated with Pain Treatment Satisfaction Among Patients with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain and Substance Use8
Nov. 2021Original Research613 monthly avg.
9Social Determinants of Health and Functional Capacity in Adult Primary Care Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions9
Jul. 2021Original Research606 monthly avg.
10Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccination Among Health System Personnel10
May 2021Original Research552 monthly avg.
  • Source: Content usage statistics for the JABFM, January 2021 through December 2021, HighWire Press. Accessed May 26, 2022. Rankings are updated monthly and based on “hits” received by articles archived on the JABFM Web site only.