Table 3.

Factors Associated with the “Right Fit” for Use of Telemedicine

FactorDescription“Must Have” ConditionFlexibility
TechnologySystem capacity to do video or phone visits; equipment to conduct the visit; adequate technological supplies, Internet access and bandwidthMust have some minimum system on both sides (patient and provider/staff)Some visits had to be converted to phone with voice only
MindsetKnowledge, comfort, and willingness with doing a telemedicine visit (exclusive of technology issues)All must be willing to engageSome patients or clinicians not satisfied with a visit lacking video capabilities, physical exam, sufficient quality of clinician–patient communication
Health issueThe health condition to be addressedAbility to do what is needed for the visit (ie, physical exam, discussion, labs, and so forth)Some assessments can be modified and some tests not required to maintain a high-quality visit