Table 1.

Sample Characteristics

ClinicianLength of Time as PCPType of Medicine PracticedArea Served
R110 yearsFamilyUrban
R25 yearsFamilyUrban
R38 yearsFamilyUrban
R46 yearsPediatricsUrban
R536 yearsFamilyUrban
R63 yearsInternalUrban
R71 yearFamilySuburban
R853 yearsInternalSuburban
R920 yearsPediatricsUrban
R1042 yearsFamilySuburban
R1126 yearsInternalSuburban
R123 yearsPediatricsUrban
R136 yearsInternalUrban
R147 yearsPediatricsUrban
R1534 yearsInternalUrban
R1634 yearsInternalUrban
R1716 yearsFamilyUrban
R187 yearsInternalUrban
R1935 yearsPediatricsSuburban
R2030 yearsInternalUrban
R2144 yearsInternalUrban
R222 yearsInternalUrban
R234 yearsFamilySuburban
R246 yearsFamilyUrban
  • Abbreviations: PCP, primary care physicians.