Table 2.

Risk Perception and Work Stress by COVID-19 Care Intensity

No Deaths (n = 127)1-10 Deaths (n = 140)>10 Deaths (n = 88)p-Value
Risk Perception
    Feels job is imposing great risk42.9%49.7%63.6%0.011*
    Afraid of falling ill with COVID-1940.8%44.3%33.0%0.233
    Feels little control over contracting COVID-1919.2%23.4%27.3%0.378
    Feels unlikely to survive if contracts COVID-194.8%2.1%4.6%0.457
    Afraid of passing COVID-19 on to others69.1%70.9%66.7%0.795
    Family/friends are worried about transmission48.4%58.2%55.7%0.264
    People avoid family26.2%33.6%40.2%0.094
    Willing to accept the risks57.9%70.2%76.1%0.013*
Work Stress
    Feels extra stress at work72.4%72.9%79.6%0.438
    Thinking about resigning10.3%14.2%15.9%0.451
    Would keep practicing if another year ofCOVID-1957.1%51.4%55.7%0.626
    Feels perceived as a hero for work21.6%27.0%32.2%0.223
  • * P < .05, **P < .01, ***P < .001.