Table 3.

Discrepancies in Care Identified in Chart Review for Adherence to Recommendations

DiscrepancyProportion (%)
Corrected gender marker/name11/65 (16.9)
Recommended PrEP1/65 (1.3)
Contraception/family planning recommended3/65 (4.6)
Needed updated mental health screen27 (41.5)
Health maintenance: Papanicolaou smear needed9/16 (56.3)
Health maintenance: mammogram needed2/3 (66.7)
Health maintenance: DEXA needed1/2 (50.0)
Needed to be scheduled for follow-up40 (61.5)
Gender-affirming hormone therapy
    Testosterone: CI identified0/22 (0)
    Testosterone: laboratory tests needed15/22 (68.2)
    Estradiol: CI identified1/15 (6.7)
    Estradiol: laboratory tests needed4/15 (26.7)
    Androgen blocker: CI identified0/14 (0)
    Androgen blocker: laboratory tests needed8/14 (57.1)
  • Abbreviations: CI, contraindication; DEXA, dual-energy radiograph absorptiometry; PrEP, pre-exposure prophylaxis.