Table 2.

Comparison of Family Medicine Emergency Physicians by Sex, n = 4354

All Family Medicine EPs,
Male (n = 3823)Female (n = 531)
Characteristicsn%n%P Value*
Age, y (median [IQR])382365 (59 to 69)53162 (54 to 67)<0.001
Age categories, y<0.001
    25 to 441013377
    45 to 6416914430057
International medical graduate6301671130.07
US Census division0.87
    New England1484275
    Mid Atlantic3028397
    East North Central519147113
    West North Central34095110
    South Atlantic7892111422
    East South Central37110448
    West South Central512137414
MSA population size0.03
    250,000 to 999,9998152112423
    100,000 to 249,99943311418
Urban influence0.77
    Large rural487137314
    Small rural3259479
    Emergency medicine32288115
    Family medicine32328541478
    Internal medicine59271
    Internship only57110.2
    Other residency120.310.2
Years since completed medical training<0.001
    5 to 9762224
    10 to 19421119919
Primary specialty of emergency medicine224459319600.55
  • EPs, emergency physicians; IQR, interquartile range; MSA, metropolitan statistical area.

  • * Bivariate comparisons were tested using Kruskal-Wallis, χ2, and Fisher's exact tests, as appropriate.