Appendix Table 1.

Comparison of Family Medicine Emergency Physicians with Isolated Family Medicine or Dual Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine Board Certification, n = 3596

Isolated FM Board Certification (n = 2860)Dual FM and EM Board Certification (n = 736)
Characteristicsn%n%P Value*
Age, y (median [IQR])286063 (58 to 67)73669 (66 to 72)<0.001
Age categories, y<0.001
    25 to 44933172
    45 to 6415735512817
Female sex364136590.004
International medical graduate512187710<0.001
US Census division<0.001
    New England1084416
    Mid Atlantic2168659
    East North Central3951410114
    West North Central30311466
    South Atlantic5832014520
    East South Central29510466
    West South Central42615659
MSA population size<0.001
    250,000 to 999,9996172218425
    100,000 to 249,999310118812
Urban influence<0.001
    Large rural409147010
    Small rural29710253
    Emergency medicine29114720
    Family medicine26659351670
    Internal medicine140.5152
    Internship only351233
    Other residency60.271
Years since completed medical training0.002
    5 to 9532264
    10 to 1935013659
Primary specialty of emergency medicine14024960282<0.001
  • EM, emergency medicine; FM, family medicine; IQR, interquartile range; MSA, metropolitan statistical area.

  • * Bivariate comparisons were tested using Kruskal-Wallis, χ2, and Fisher's exact tests, as appropriate.