Table 3.

Recent and Anticipated Stresses Experienced by Primary Care Practices

Practice Stress% Practices That Experienced Stress in Previous Year% Practices That Anticipate Experiencing the Stress in Next Year
Have clinician turnover64/484 (13.2%)25/484 (5.2%)
Have a major office renovation55/484 (11.4%)34/484 (7.0%)
Adopt a new electronic medical record system43/484 (8.9%)18/484 (3.7%)
Adopt a new billing system32/484 (6.6%)15/484 (3.1%)
Move office to a new location29/484 (6.0%)24/484 (5.0%)
Change practice ownership13/484 (2.7%)9/484 (1.9%)
Report any stress154/484 (31.8%)91/484 (18.8%)