Table 3.

Proportion of Patients in Each Hypertension Care Satisfaction Group Who Reported Being “Extremely” or “Very Confident” in Self-Care Over the Past 6 Months

How Confident Are You That You Can:Total (%)Hypertension Care Quality
9 to 10 (%)6 to 8 (%)0 to 5 (%)
Contact your health care team from home when you have a question or concern?71.486.072.2***52.2***
Include measuring your blood pressure at home in your weekly routine?58.569.857.7***46.8***
Know your blood pressure target numbers?65.976.367.9**49.2***
Keep your blood pressure below your target number?25.536.423.9***15.3***
Include taking blood pressure medicine in your daily routine?83.890.885.0**73.0***
Number of confidence items ranked “Extremely” or “Very Confident” (0 to 5)**2.2***
  • * P < .05,

  • ** P < .01,

  • *** P < .001 comparing self-efficacy among patients in the 6-8 or the 0-5 care quality group to self-efficacy in the 9-10 care quality group.