Table 4.

Home Environment Profiles Among Family Matters Study Participants

Profile No.Home Environment Profile NameHome Environment Profile Indicators
Rushed*ZooPlans FailCan't ThinkParent StressfParent Dominating§Child Dominating§Parent WarmChild WarmConsistent Discipline
1Collaborative-Chill (CC)Mean1.401.421.361.402.241.761.344.334.368.83
2Busy Bees (BB)Mean3.012.292.612.586.255.583.645.845.288.81
3Engaged (E)Mean2.121.921.681.543.485.923.946.365.408.96
4Inconsistent-Distant (ID)Mean2.181.781.701.714.815.532.883.123.293.29
Global Mean2.151.871.821.773.974.763.105.364.878.25
Scale1 to 41 to 41 to 41 to 40 to 101 to 91 to 91 to 91 to 91 to 9
  • SE, standard error.

  • Note. Based on 95% confidence intervals.

  • * BB highest; CC lower than Engaged &ID.

  • BB highest; CC lower with E and ID overlapping both.

  • BB highest, other 3 lowest overlapping.

  • f BB highest; CC lowest; E on own in middle, ID overlaps BB and E.

  • § BB, E, and ID highest; CC lowest.

  • BB and E highest, ID lowest, CC on own in middle.

  • CC, BB, and E highest, ID lowest.