Table 2.

Primary Care Efforts to Ensure Access to and Comprehensiveness of Care

Improved Access to Care% Practices with FeatureProvision of Behavioral Health% Practices Offering ServiceHelping Patients Address Social Needs% Practices Addressing Need
Same-day appointments434/484 (89.7%)Mental health screening405/484 (83.7%)Social isolation316/409 (77.3%)
Evening and weekend access204/484 (42.2%)Communicate with mental health providers282/484 (56.3%)Intimate partner violence337/416 (81.0%)
24-hour phone service326/484 (67.4%)Hand off patients to mental health providers253/484 (52.3%)Food insecurity210/402 (52.2%)
Telehealth visits102/484 (21.1%)Colocated mental health88/484 (18.2%)Lack of transportation247/415 (59.5%)
Group visits53/484 (11.0%)Smoking cessation counseling390/484 (80.6%)Unstable housing213/408 (52.2%)
Patient portal351/484 (72.5%)Alcohol misuse treatment319/484 (65.9%)Limited health literacy303/407 (74.5%)
Onsite laboratory services342/484 (70.7%)Opioid treatment112/484 (23.1%)Unemployment159/409 (38.9%)
Onsite radiology service147/484 (30.4%)Medication assistance therapy for opioids112/484 (23.1%)Out-of-pocket medical costs340/418 (81.3%)