Table 2.

Bivariate Correlations for Home Environment Profile Indicators

RushedZooPlans FailCan't ThinkParent StressParent DominatingParent WarmConsistent DisciplineChild Dominating
Plans fail0.44***0.27*
Can't think0.43***0.44***0.42***
Parent stress0.37***0.230.32**0.32**
Parent dominating0.31**
Parent warm0.
Consistent discipline<.−0.15−0.130.48***
Child dominating0.***0.250.05
Child warm0.***0.36***0.19
  • Note:

  • * p is significant at the 0.05 level,

  • ** p is significant at the 0.01 level,

  • *** p is significant at the 0.001 level.