Table 5.

Proportion of Patients in Each Hypertension Care Satisfaction Group Who Reported Treatment Burden as a “Big” or “Very Big” Problem

Hypertension Care Quality
Considering Everything You Have to Do to Take Care of Your Blood Pressure, How Much of a Problem are Each of The Following:Total(%)9 to 10(%)6 to 8(%)0 to 5(%)
Measuring your blood pressure: frequency, time spent, or inconvenience5.**
Clinic visits: frequency or time spent for these visits4.**
Phone visits: frequency or time spent for these calls2.**
Scheduling clinic visits, phone visits, or other appointments and reorganizing your schedule around these3.***
Time away from work or your normal routine for activities related to your blood pressure care3.80.73.5*7.9***
Any treatment is a “Big” or “Very Big” problem§10.45.410.0*17.0**
  • * P < .05,

  • ** P < .01,

  • *** P < .001 comparing treatment burden among patients in the 6-8 or the 0-5 care quality group to treatment burden in the 9-10 care quality group.

  • Adjusted for age, sex, race, and ethnicity.

  • Model is unadjusted.

  • § Adjusted for age, sex, race, ethnicity, patient-centered care, self-efficacy, and side effect composites.