Table 2.

Proportion of Patients in Each Hypertension Care Satisfaction Group Who Reported Receiving Patient-Centered Care “Most of the Time” or “Almost Always” Over the Past 6 Months

Hypertension Care Satisfaction
Total (%)9 to 10 (%)6 to 8 (%)0 to 5 (%)
Asked for your ideas when you and your healthcare team made a treatment plan47.965.045.7**32.4***
Given choices about treatment to think about50.067.548.1***32.9***
Asked to talk about any problems with your medicines or their effects61.976.762.0***43.7***
Asked to talk about your goals in caring for your blood pressure49.466.947.0***33.6***
Satisfied that all the people involved in your care were “on the same page”74.993.275.1***52.9***
Number of patient-centered items rated “Most” or “Almost Always” (0 to 5)***1.9***
  • * P < .05,

  • ** P < .01,

  • *** P < .001 comparing patient-centered care among patients in the 6-8 or the 0-5 care quality group to patient-centered care in the 9-10 care quality group.