Table 1.

Summary of Practice Facilitator Training

Training Activity/ResourceDetails
Practice Facilitator Certificate Program at Millard Fillmore College of the University at Buffalo of The State University of New York
  • Building organizational capacity in change management

  • Building core competencies in using quality improvement methods (engaging practice teams in PDSAs, using data to drive change, doing workflow analysis, and using the Chronic Care Model23

  • 40 hours of fieldwork with an experience practice facilitator mentor

Motivational Interviewing Training
  • A half-day workshop on how to use motivational interviewing to encourage practice change, help patients with self-management support, and keep practices engaged in the research project

Twice monthly practice facilitation 1-hour long work group calls (Year 1 to 4) (Year 5 reduced to monthly)
  • Videoconference calls to support PF work within the practice and to implement the study protocol, during which PFs shared and archived helpful resources

  • Specific training in health equity and how to guide practices to engage in PDSA activities that specifically focused on enhancing outcomes for African American patients

Practice Facilitation Implementation Guide designed around the Key Driver Framework
  • Thirty-page “how to” study implementation guide for facilitators including ideas for PDSA activities to guide practices to select activities to implement, including those that focus on enhanced activities to better serve African American patients. The guide included background on the study, descriptions of the 4 Key Driver domains, and an inventory of potential QI activities nested within Key Driver domains

Other professional development activities
  • Practice Facilitation professional development experiences and team presentations on early lessons and study findings

  • Attendance at The North American Primary Care Research Group's International Conferences on Practice Facilitation: November 2017, December 2018, and June 2019

  • PF, practice facilitation; PDSA, Plan, Do, Study, Act; QI, quality improvement.