Table 4.

Multivariate Analysis (Logistic Regression) of Factors Associated with Discordance between C-Reactive Protein and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate*,

High ESR and normal CRP (n = 72)High CRP and normal ESR (n = 208)
FactorOR (95% CI)P valueOR (95% CI)P value
Sex (male)0.815 (0.448–1.481).5020.699 (0.483–1.012).058
Age (years)1.052 (1.034–1.071)<.0010.998 (0.988–1.008).695
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.986 (0.930–1.045).6331.099 (1.064–1.136)<.001
  • CI, confidence interval; CRP, C-reactive protein; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; OR, odds ratio.

  • * High CRP is defined as >0.5 mg/dL (>5 mg/L); high ESR is defined as >20 mm/h for men and >30 mm/h for women.

  • A total of 1472 cases were entered into the equations. The odds ratio (adjusted for all listed variables and alcohol consumption, smoking, metabolic syndrome, and physical activity).