Table 1.

Characteristics of General Practitioners According to Long COVID Patients (n = 1209, Weighted Data)

Have You Had 1 or More Patients Coming for a Consultation, at Least 2 to 3 Months after a Confirmed COVID-19 Infection Because of Persistent Symptoms?
TotalYesNoP value
Characteristics*(N = 1209)(N = 651)(N = 558)
Age, years
    50 to 5939032.221254.317845.7
    ≥ 6044236.622350.421949.6
Intensity of the COVID-19 epidemic in the GPs area (French départements)
Perceived medical severity of COVID-19 for the populationf
  • GP, general practitioners; Q; quartile.

  • * The following variables were tested but were not found significant: region, group practice, occasional practice of complementary and alternative medicine, density of healthcare workers in the GPs area (département). French départements are local administrative areas (there are 96 départements in Metropolitan France).

  • P values represent χ2 tests with Rao-Scott correction.

  • The number of consultations in the previous year were calculated on January 1, 2018. Low represents Q1, indermediate represents Q2 and Q3, and high represents Q4.

  • Excess mortality in percentage compared to the previous year represented as low (< 1%), moderate (1% to 1.8%), and high (>1.8%) as described in Bergeat M, Chaput H, Verger P, Scronias D. (2021). Comment les médecins généralistes prennent-ils en charge les patients atteints de la Covid-19? DREES Etudes et Résultats n°1177.

  • f On a scale of 0 to 10. Low: [0-4]; moderate: [5-7]; high: [8-10].

  • Source of the data: Representative national panel of French GPs; participants responded to an online cross-sectional questionnaire-based survey between October 6, 2020, and November 15, 2020.