Table 3.

Beliefs Impacting Informed Decision-Making

Inadequate care from medical communityMen believe that the care provided to them is insufficient or substandard, or men believe that the information provided to them by the medical community is incorrect or not applicable to their personal situation“So yeah, your burden is basically to be able to get more doctors out there talking to their older Black male patients about what their options are and delivering the information they need so that they can make a choice…And I think that, in turn, would bring down the death pattern from the mere fact that you offered intelligent Black men, which most of us are, damn it, a choice in choosing what they do for their health.” (FG4) “And um mostly a lot of Afro-American people are thinking that when you go to the doctor they are thinking about sometimes they experiment on you. You know, from back in the they kinda cautious about that.” (FG1)
Perceived barriersA man's feelings on the obstacles to completing prostate cancer screening“I can say from being like an athlete or whatever, you know, to me, you know, I'm raised… don't nothin' go up there [rectum], everything comes out. You know what I'm saying? That's… that's another kinda stigma that plays in the mind.” (FG4)“For a lot of us, especially Black men, a lot of us don't have health insurance or the money to go to the doctors.” (FG4)
Perceived riskA man's perception of his susceptibility for developing prostate cancer or developing complications related to PSA testing. Also includes a man's perception that something is physically wrong.“Maybe down the road or if I see these symptoms [frequent urination, getting up at night to urinate] flaring up or happening, I'll be more inclined to go get screened, cause now I know that there is something going on, you know.” (FG4)“Actually my brother, my brother, he had [prostate cancer] he was in the service. He went to the VA and they got, you know, he got it taken care of. That's why I was wondering that…my brother is younger than me, you know. He is 60. You know, he is younger than me and we may need to attempt the things he's been telling me.” (FG1)
Perceived severityA man's feelings on the seriousness of contracting prostate cancer“[Cancer will] take you out. It will take you out. No doubt about it.” (FG4)
Perceived benefitsA man's perception of the positive outcomes derived from completing prostate cancer screening“I've also heard that prostate cancer, if caught early, detected early, it's one of the more curable cancers, so that's something that you might want to know so you can have that knowledge to save your life…I want to be here for other people, my grandchildren and my children, so at this point in my life I'm trying to help other people…and I think I need to be here to do that.” (FG4)
  • FG, focus group.