Table 2.

Multivariate Analysis. Linear Regression of C-Reactive Protein (log10-Transformed) in Relation to Demographics, Lifestyle Factors, and Metabolic Factors

FactorCoefficient (SE)P value
Sex (male)
    Male−0.050 (0.035).157
Age (years)0.002 (0.001).087
Alcohol consumption
    Light drinkers−0.114 (0.036).001
    Moderate drinkers−0.090 (0.048).061
    Heavy drinkers0.013 (0.062).829
    Never smokersReferenceNA
    Ex-smokers−0.029 (0.038).445
    Current smokers0.087 (0.043).042
Physical activity
    Moderate−0.033 (0.035).348
    High−0.014 (0.040).725
Body mass index (kg/m2)0.045 (0.003)<.001
Metabolic syndrome
    Yes0.073 (0.042).084
Constant (intercept)−2.178 (0.107)NA
  • CRP, C-reactive protein; NA, not applicable; SE, standard error.

  • * For the logarithmic transformation, we attributed an arbitrary value of 0.001 mg/dL to patients with undetectable CRP (n = 4).

  • All listed covariates were entered into the equation.

  • Covariates explained 17.4% of the CRP variability (R2, 0.174). The body mass index explained 15.7% of the CRP variability.