Table 4b.

Open-Ended Comments on Reasons Family Physicians Are Resistant to Receiving an Approved mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

ThemesQuotes from Participants
Concerns about safety and adverse side effects“Concerns for detrimental long-term side effects.”
“Don't have enough information about the adverse effects of the vaccination.”
Previous COVID-19 infection“Just had COVID. I most likely immune. May consider in the fall.”
“I must getting over COVID myself. I would wait at least 90 days to consider getting it for myself.”
Low-risk group“I feel that I'm still young and healthy and statistically have a good chance of not having significant disease.”
“Low risk of getting infected with COVID, waiting to see firsthand how people do with the vaccination.”
Other reasons“Hesitation due to breastfeeding.”
“Previous significant reaction to MMR vaccine.”