Table 4a.

Open-Ended Comments on Reasons Family Physicians' Intend to Receive an Approved mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

ThemesQuotes from Participants
Prevent COVID-19 infection“Vaccination is our best defense against the pandemic.”
“I have seen the horrors of COVID-19 firsthand and believe it is critically important to do all we can as a community to focus on prevention.”
Protect self, family, community“Because it is an important part of protecting those around me.”
“I want to protect myself, my family, and my patients.”
Contribute to herd immunity“I think the vaccination is the socially responsible thing to work towards herd immunity.”
“Herd immunity is important for public health and is our way to loosened restrictions but cannot be accomplished without vaccinations.”
Inspire confidence that the vaccines are safe“To set a good example for family, friends, patients, and coworkers that the vaccine is safe.”
“It is safe and the right thing to do to end the pandemic. Medical personnel need to set the example.”
End the pandemic and bring life to normal“Widespread vaccination is the only way we end the pandemic.”
“I'm excited that my action may help us return to something that looks more normal in the world.”
Belief in science and vaccine safety[I] “feel appropriate research as even one at this point to prove the vaccine's safety.”
“I'm going to look into the science of the vaccine. But the high efficacy reported makes it enticing.”
Vaccine is less risky than contracting COVID“Risk of vaccine side effects lower than potential complications of COVID.”
“I feel the risk of the vaccine is less than the risk of getting COVID.”