Table 5.

Suggestions for Developing New PBRNs

  • Identify key issues of successful recruitment strategies (using tools such as surveys, panels, forums, professional events, on-site discussions)

  • Capitalize on opportunities for fostering participation within the network, eg, quality improvement activities, practice evaluations, practice transformation, data quality assurance

  • Leverage prior relationships with trusted and well-known academic faculty (personal/professional relationships, teaching practices, residency programs) and previous research experience or PBRN experience

Relationship Building
  • Make research easy for the busy practitioner—eg, use research assistants or practice facilitators, pragmatic research designs, and incentivize practitioners when their effort is requested (“value proposition”)

  • Build reciprocal long-lasting collaborative relationships based on trust and let these to be the context of decision-making in the network

  • Develop member groups with matched interests

  • Value member participation in research in many ways and choose those that they most appreciate, eg, provide professional credits

Research Capacity Building
  • Support the research capacity building and professional development of primary care practitioners with diverse opportunities that may respond to all educational preferences varying from online workshops and training to academic educational curricula

  • Foster learning communities across the members of the network

  • Support open and frequent and multidirectional communication using multiple means of synchronous and asynchronous approaches

  • Offer community practitioners on-site (or virtual) visits with peers where exemplars may demonstrate the benefits and/or feasibility of research in their practice

Funding for Infrastructure
  • Ensure sufficient funding for infrastructure through national agencies, local organizations, and the academic institution and develop a strategic plan for a business model with diversified portfolio for the future

  • PBRN, practice-based research network.