Table 1.

Characteristics of Survey Respondents

Unweighted (N = 2,000)Weighted (N = 348,269)
Type of Health Care Provider Group
Total n by group700600350350104,576107,40859,53976,746
Race/Hispanic identity*
Age, years
    Less than 3513113318424223
    65 or older101238152048
Type of practice
    Private solo or group practice6078625072826152
    Freestanding clinic/urgent care center961313751312
    Non-federal government clinic54474247
    Federal government clinics32542254
    Health maintenance organizations63363246
    Community health centers9371354713
Number of years in practice
    Less than 515122926753327
    More than 203739162253531621
Number of prescriptions in a typical week
    Less than 35 prescriptions1333242916332529
    35–65 prescriptions2129293020252829
    66–125 prescriptions2722262226242822
    More than 125 prescriptions3915211938181920
Number of patients in a typical week
    Less than 40 visits98111613111117
    40–79 visits3336425134364150
    80–119 visits4031352335283523
    120 or more visits1826131018261411
  • NPs, nurse practitioners; PAs, physician assistants; PCPs, primary care physicians; SPs, specialists.

  • * Asian, Black, Other, and White race categories are Non-Hispanic.