Table 1.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for the Scoping Review

Inclusion Criteria
1. Peer-reviewed journal articles published between 1/1/1965 and 12/31/2020 in English language that refer to one or more primary care PBRNs and include information about their establishment.
2. Articles that refer to research projects conducted by PBRNs that also provide information about their establishment.
3. Reports, editorials, letters, commentaries, conference papers, and web pages that may provide complementary information on an already identified PBRN.
4. Information on PBRN establishment was included after defining primary care-linked PBRNs based on the scope of primary care in each particular region or country.
Exclusion Criteria
1. Articles that focus on specific research studies, data collection, or database/technology development in PBRN settings, without providing information about the PBRN's establishment.
2. Articles in which the identity of the PBRN can't be determined (e.g., due to blinding).
  • PBRN, practice-based research network.