Appendix Table 4.

Example of Practice-Based Research Network Research Training

Topics of research trainingβ€œAt the first STaRNet teaching session a research methods resource pack was distributed to each lead practice. This was developed by the STaRNet project team, and included information, references and key articles on: literature reviewing, questionnaires and surveys, qualitative research, epidemiology, clinical trials, evaluating healthcare, health economics research, statistics, ethical issues, writing up and disseminating research, applying for funding and using the Internet in research. A second resource pack was developed on evidence-based healthcare to support the STaRNet lead practices in their work on implementing clinical guidelines and developing evidence-based practice. The pack provided references to key publications and detailed information about groups and resources concerned with evidence-based healthcare and included sections on: an overview of the evidence-based healthcare movement, how to find research evidence, critical appraisal, systematic reviews, guidelines, audit and managing change.” (Carter 1998, p. 90–1).