Table 2.

Included Practice-Based Research Networks, Peer-Reviewed Articles, and Review Sources

PBRNCountryYear of FoundationPeer-Reviewed Articles and Review Resources
1.Nijmegen Family Practice Academic NetworkThe Netherlands1967Van den Bosch 1993223
Van Weel et al 20009
Gunn 200210
Schers et al 2008136
Van Weel 20087
2.Weekly Returns Service (WRS)United Kingdom1967Fleming and Crombie 1985158
Fleming et al 19916
Fleming 199949
3.Dutch Sentinel General Practice Network (SGPN)The Netherlands1970Schweikardt et al 201647
4.Dartmouth-Northern New England Primary Care Cooperative Research Network/COOP ProjectUSA1977Nelson et al 1981130
Nelson et al 198154
Nelson 1983224
Mold and Peterson 2005112
5.Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network (ASPN)USA-Canada1978Green et al 198435
Iverson et al 198836
Rosser and Green 198937
Green et al 1993180
Main et al 1993225
Green et al 1994104
Nutting et al 1999181
Lindbloom et al 2004164
Pearls of Research125(p20,22,24)
6.Belgian Network of Sentinel General PracticesBelgium1978Lobet et al 1987161
Boffin et al 2010155
Boffin et al 2013226
7.Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians Research Network (MAFPRN)USA1978Solberg et al 1983171
Solberg et al 198656
8.Centro Studi e Ricerca in Medicina Generale (CSeRMeG PBRN)Italy1983Visentin 200576
9.Pediatric Practice Research Group (PPRG)USA1984Christoffel et al 1988170
LeBailly et al 2003167
Ariza et al 2004227
LaBresh et al 2014228
10.International Primary Care Network (IPCN)National range PBRNs of primary care physicians from Belgium, Canada, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and USA1985Culpepper and Froom 198841
Froom and Culpepper 1991229
11.San Francisco Bay Area Collaborative Research Network (SFBayCRN, previously UCSF PBRN)USA1985Osborn and Petitti 1988138
Croughan-Minihane et al 1999127
Pearls of Research 1998125(p104)
12.Transition project (Thanshis)The Netherlands1985Okkes et al 2002230
13.General Practice Information NetworkNew Zealand1986Kljakovic et al 1992231
Leitch 2016232
14.Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS)USA1986Wasserman et al 1992160
Wasserman et al 1998131
Slora et al 2006178
Slora and Wasserman 201096
Wasserman et al 201155
15.Wisconsin Research Network (WReN)USA1987Pearls of Research 1998125(p6571)
Beasley et al 1991124
Van Weel et al 20009
16.University of Missouri PBRNUSA1987Williamson et al 1988131
17.Harrisburg Area Research Network (HARNET)USA1988Slawson et al 1993189
Shaughnessy et al 1999233
18.(CumbReN)United Kingdom1988Robertson et al 200568
19.Upper Peninsula Research Network (UPRNet)USA1988Pearls of Research 1998125(p72–5)
20.Registration Network Family Practices (RNH)The Netherlands1988Metsemakers et al 1992109
Knottnerus et al 1992234
Van den Akker et al 1998182
de Lusignan and van Weel 2006235
21.Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP CRN)New Zealand1989Tilyard et al 1995236
Dovey and Tilyard 199684
Rodnick 1999237
Hall and Martin 2003238
Leitch 2016232
22.Clinical Directors Network (CDN)USA1989Sardell 1996111
23.General Practice Data Retrieval Project (GPDRP)United Kingdom1989Boydell et al 1995106
24.Utrecht University General Practices NetworkThe Netherlands1989Hak et al 1998239
Hak et al 1998240
Venmans et al 2009186
25.African Sentinel Practitioner Research Network (SASPREN)South Africa1990Volmink and Furman 199148
Volmink 1996146
Volmink et al 1996174
De Villiers 1998179
26.University of Adelaide PBRNAustralia1990Marley 1992145
27.Rotterdam General Practitioners Project (ROHAPRO)The Netherlands1990Middelkoop et al 1994241
Middelkoop et al 199557
28.Australian Sentinel Practice Research Network (ASPREN)Australia1991Gunn 200210
Clothier et al 200546
29.Northern Primary Care Research Network (NoRen)United Kingdom1991Carter 199852(p77,7983,86)
30.South Texas Ambulatory Research Network (STARNet)USA1992Noël et al 2011242
Hayes and Burke 2012243
31.Medical Research Council General Practice Research Framework (MRC GPRF GPRF)United Kingdom1993Carter 199852(p122–6)
Comino 200270
32.Oklahoma Physicians Resource/Research Network (OKPRN)USA1994Mold and Barton 1996113
Mold and Peterson 2005112
Nagykaldi et al 2005168
Mold and Gregory 2003184
Pearls of Research 1998125(p85)
Nagykaldi et al 2006245
33.Wessex Research Network (WReN)United Kingdom1994Smith and Dunleavey 199678
Van Weel et al 20009
Gunn 200210
34.IntegoBelgium1994Truyers et al 2014147
Van Casteren et al 2015246
35.Practice Partner Research Network (PPRNet)USA1995Ornstein and Jenkins 199791
Mold and Peterson 2005112
Nemeth et al 2007247
Wessell et al 2008248
36.Virginia Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Network (ACORN)USA1996Etz et al 2015249
37.STaRNeTUnited Kingdom1996Carter 199852(p84–5, 89101)
Thiru et al 2003251
Comino 200270(p12,23,29)
38.Residency Research Network of Texas (RRNeT)USA1997Albright et al 2001252
Hill et al 2012253
Hayes and Burke 2012243
Burge and Hill 2014121
39.High Plains Research Network (HPRN)USA1997Mold and Peterson 2005112
Westfall et al 2006255
40.Trent Focus Collaborative Research NetworkUnited Kingdom1995Frew et al 2001256
Cooke et al 200271
Comino 200270
Hammersley et al 2002257
Trent Focus, Annual Report 1996-9769
Trent Focus, Annual Report 1998-99141
Trent Focus, Annual Report 1999 to 2000141
Trent Focus, Annual Report 2000 to 2001123
Trent Focus, Annual Report 2001 to 2002258
41.East London and Essex Network of Researchers (ELENoR)United Kingdom1997Davies et al 200258
Davies et al 200259
Graffy et al 200272
Graffy 2003259
Abbott and Gunnell 200551
42.North Staffordshire General Practice Research NetworkUnited Kingdom1997Porcheret et al 200474
Hayward et al 2013260
43.West London Primary Care Research Network Community Interest Company (WeLReN)United Kingdom1997Thomas and While 200186
Comino 200270
44.TayRenUnited Kingdom1998Pitkethly and Sullivan 200373
45.Scottish Primary Care Research Network SPCRN (previously SPPIRe)United Kingdom1998Zwar et al 2006261
Sullivan et al 200775
Sullivan et al 201460
46.American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network (AAFP NRN)USA1999Lindbloom et al 2004164
Graham et al 2007120
AAFP National Research Network162
Galliher et al 2009177
47.Belgian Primary Care Data NetworkBelgium1999DeClerq et al 2002144
48.Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Network (APRNet)USA1999Deshefy-Longhi et al 2002169
McCloskey et al 200397
Olsen et al 2005262
Deshefy-Longhi et al 2008263
49.ASPIRE (A Sign Health Polyclinics Initiative for Research Excellence) (Singapore)Singapore2000Chuan and Gan 2001264
50.Dumfries and Galloway Primary Care Research NetworkUnited Kingdom2000Hannay 200661
51.General Practice Research Network (GPRN)Australia2000Sayer et al 2003129
Trinh et al 2017265
52.Research Involving Outpatient Settings Network (RIOS Net)USA2000Sinclair-Lian et al 2008266
Williams et al 2009267
53.Kentucky Ambulatory Network (KAN)USA2000Pearce et al 200498
Love et al 2006134
54.Southern Primary-Care Urban Research Network (SPUR-Net)USA2000Kuo et al 200899
55.University Family Practice Network (UFPN)Australia2000Laurence et al 2001136
Gunn 200210
56.North Carolina Family Medicine Research Network (NC-FM-RN) (Now NCnet)USA2001Sloane et al 2005268
Sloane et al 2006140
Gourlay et al 2010183
57.Primary Healthcare Research Network-General Practice (PHReNet)Australia2001Comino 200270
Comino et al 200262
Mehmet et al 2004269
Magin et al 2011143
58.Continuity Research Network (CORNET)USA2002Serwint 2001114
Serwint et al 2006175
Wasserman et al 201155
59.Oregon Rural Practice-Based Research Network (ORPRN)USA2002Nagykaldi et al 2006245
Fagnan et al 2007156
60.Midwest Nursing Centers Consortium Research Network (MNCCRN)USA2002Anderko et al 2005270
Anderko et al 2005139
Anderko et al 200653
61.South Australian Primary Health Care Research Network (SARNet)Australia2002Waters et al 200463
Ried et al 2006100
Aims and objectives for the SARNet Research Network 2006271
Ried et al 200765
Farmer et al 2005272
62.Mecklenburg Area Partnership for Primary Care Research (MAPPR)USA2003Dulin 2005107
Dulin et al 2010273
Dulin et al 2011157
Dulin et al 2012274
63.Electronic Primary Care Research Network (ePCRN)USA and United Kingdom2004Peterson et al 200623
Fontaine et al 200738
Delaney et al 201239
Peterson et al 201240
64.Massachusetts School Nurse Research Network (MASNRN)USA2004Vessey 2007166
Pulcini et al 2008276
65.CONTinuous Morbidity Registration Epidemiologic NeTwork (CONTENT)Germany2005Laux et al 2005150
Chmiel et al 2011187
66.ResoPrim ProjectBelgium2005De Clercq et al 2009277
67.UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) CRNUnited Kingdom2006Department of Health 2006278
Department of Health 200627
Sullivan et al 200775
Cooke et al 200850
Pickstone et al 200885
National Institute for Health Research 2012279
National Institute for Health Research 2014135
National Institute for Health Research 2014280
Local Clinical Research Networks 2016281
68.GRACE-01International2006Butler et al 200942
Nuttal et al 201143
69.DARTNetUSA2007Pace et al 200921
Maro et al 2009282
Pace et al 2009188
Libby et al 2010116
Pace et al 2014153
70.Greater Rochester-PBRN (GR-PBRN)USA2007Gibson et al 2010102
71.OCHIN Practice-Based Research Network (OCHIN PBRN)USA2007DeVoe et al 201190
DeVoe et al 201292
DeVoe and Sears 2013110
Arkind et al 2015283
72.Victorian Primary Care Practice-Based Research and Education Network (VicReN)Australia2007Soós et al 201066
Australian Primary Care Research Network APCReN221
73.Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN)Canada2008Birtwhistle et al 2009126
Birtwhistle 2011159
Peckham and Hutchison 2012284
Coleman et al 2015285
74.European Academy of Pediatrics Research in Ambulatory Settings network (EAPRASnet)International2008Del Torso et al 201044
75.TARGet Kids Toronto Area Research GroupCanada2008Morinis et al 2012149
Abdullah et al 2015286
Carsley et al 2015148
76.FIRE Project (Family Medicine ICPC-Research Using Electronic Medical Records)Switzerland2009Chmiel et al 2011187
Rizza et al 2012287
Zellweger et al 2014288
77.Centricity Health Care User Research Network (CHURN)USAN/A (2009?)Lieberman 200682
Gill et al 2010289
Gill et al 2012185
78.West of Ireland Research and Education Network (WestREN)Ireland2009Kavanagh et al 2010122
79.Electronic Practice Based Research Network (e-PBRN)Australia2010Liaw et al 2011103
Taggart et al 2012152
80.Scalable Architecture for Federated Translational Inquiries Network (SAFTINet)USA2010Schilling et al 2013165
Kwan et al 2013291
Sills 201588
Kwan et al 201693
81.Community Health Applied Research Network (CHARN)USA2010Likumahuwa et al 2013108
82.VA WH-PBRN (USA)USA2010Frayne et al 201382
Pomernacki et al 2019292
83.WWAMI Region Practice and Research Network (WPRN)USA2011Baldwin et al 201218
Stephens et al 201295
Cole et al 2014115
Cole et al 2016293
84.Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN)Australia2011Dijkmans-Hadley et al 201567
85.PBRN-OSHSweden2011Jensen et al 202083
86.Irish Primary Care Research Network (IPCRN)Ireland2012Galvin et al 2015294
Dillon et al 2015154
87.Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative/Home Visiting Research Network (HARC/HVRN)USA2012Duggan et al 201379
88.Swiss Primary Care Active Monitoring Network (SPAM)Switzerland2012Selby et al 2015176
89.Developmental Disabilities Practice-Based Research Network (DD-PBRN)USA2013Tyler and Werner 201481
90.Australian Chiropractic Research Network (ACORN)Australia2015Adams et al 2015295
Adams et al 201680
Adams et al 2017296
91.Tutka Primary Care Research Network (TUTKA)Finland2015Koskela 2017118
92.University of Limerick Education and Research Network for General Practice (ULEARN-GP)Ireland2018O'Regan et al 202089
93.Pacific People's Health Advisory Group (PPHAG) PBRNSamoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, and New Zealand2018Lamont et al 202045
  • PBRN, practice-based research network.