Table 1.

Characteristics of Survey Respondents

Gender* (n = 221 answering)
    Other gender categories21
    Not answered31
Nationality* (n = 214 answering)
    United States of America9343
    South America178
    North America (Caribbean)94
    United Kingdom84
    Europe (other)52
    Oceania (other)42
    Not answered38
Primary profession* (n = 221 answering)
    Nursing and nursing practice115
    Physician assistant73
    Public health73
    Clinical psychology42
    Social work42
    Behavioral science11
    Not answered31
Type of physician* (n = 163 answering)
    Family medicine/general practice14488
    Internal medicine149
    Not answered89
Years since completion of professional training (n = 184 answering)
    Not answered68
  • Online survey 2019. n = 252.

  • * Options are displayed here in rank order, not as presented on the questionnaire.

  • More than one option possible.